In addition to providing novel, safe and efficacious adjuvant platforms, Bencard Adjuvant Systems have over 70 years of experience in manufacture, QC testing, regulatory filing and compliance What ever your project, we can build better medicines together! Bencard Adjuvant Systems have an adjuvant portfolio that considers optimal immunogenicity and clinical relevance of antibody response.

Our adjuvant technologies are readily adaptable and offer optimal flexibility. Our people have a wealth of intellect to help you develop the best vaccines for efficacy and safety.

MicroCrystalline Tyrosine(MCT®)

MicroCrystalline Tyrosine(MCT®)

  • Naturally metabolised
  • Established antigen binding capacity
  • Extensive experience in humans
  • Potent immune system potentiator
  • Available in GMP grade with established stability


  • Dual power of MCT and Virus-like particles(VLP)
  • Potential to enhance weakly reactive vaccine candidates
  • VLP induces strong humoral and cellular immune responses
  • MCT-VLP induces higher protective cellular immunity compared with other adjuvants


Phosphatidylserine derivatives effect different antibody subclasses and their levels.

  • DOPS – stimulator of IgG
  • LOPS – stimulator of IgA
  • SAPS – inhibitor of IgE

AdSys-PS exhibit no mutagenic properties or cytotoxic effects.